Supporting Local Charity
Inspiring People to be involved
Bringing a Community together
Helping local sports clubs
Being passionate about Caring!
WIN £2000
I helped was originally set up in 2009 as a project of Lee Quickmire. Lee's vision was to set up a brand which pulls projects under one banner and supports Local Charities. Currently under the Ihelped brand is Caritas FC who play football in the York Saturday Afternoon League. Caritas FC has been the main drive of Ihelped and so far since 2009 the Club has raised over £6000 for the Marie Curie Cancer Care, I helped in total has generated over £10,000 for charity since 2009.

Ihelped is focused on supporting good causes and making a difference to people's life's and inspiring others to follow.

Charities to Benefit from IHelped

* Marie Curie Cancer Care


* Harvey James Thompson Fund